20120722 Don’t Waste Your Potential Like Samson

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pastor Matt McFarland

Please open your Bible and follow along.

Verses referenced in this teaching:

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2 Responses to 20120722 Don’t Waste Your Potential Like Samson

  1. Ray McFarland says:

    Our Pastor taught us using Samson as an example of how not to waste our potential by putting the things of the world above the things of God. It was a message that causes a person to grow and to realize the greater truth is with God, and doing what God has said in His Word for us to do. This message was brought to mind at our Wednesday night service. Here is what come to my mind, I say, am I such a man that I should hear such a message that out Pastor taught us in the Question, and Answer class on Wednesday night? The answer is yes I am. We were taught that we need to grow in the Word to the point that we can recognize the truth when we read it, and to also be able to apply it to any giving situation, or circumstance that takes place in our lives. So many times we pray and ask for God to help, when the help is within us. God has given us His Word in Jesus, and also the authority to use it. We can speak the Word to things that come against us, for greater is He (Jesus) that is in us, than he that is in the world. We have the Word of God living and real in us, and the authority to use it. So let us all grow and reach this level of learning, and go forth knowing that we are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. God bless

  2. Linda Walstrand says:

    Wow Pastor Matt, Don’t Waste Your Potential Like Samson was amazing and rang so true to me. Today, it is so far from what is being taught and what the media tries to convey- to us all. Knowledge of the Word is our strength and our power. I know believing comes from hearing and I thank God for you and what you share, for your ability and wisdom to point us in the right direction. I do get ‘off track’ and even ‘get tired of’ pointing others’ in the right direction- however we have you, we had Samson and we have Christ- the hope of glory, God’s word and- eachother. (here for and, ‘therefore’ (why is it there?) so we can grow and no longer be babes still drinking milk- so we can encourage and be that reminder, that accountability to one another. Almost unable to continue these words because I am so filled with the spirit of God, I just found one of my first 10 moments when I have to stop and pray, (even stronger and more direct) speak in tongue- thank you and God Bless You, each and every one. Linda Walstrand

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