Eastern Customs


To understand the Bible, it helps to remember that the Bible is an Eastern book, written by men who spoke an Eastern language and lived by the customs of the day.

We will try to bring you a different Eastern Custom mentioned in the
Bible.  Some of those will include Matthew 10:14 “shake off the dust of your feet”, Luke 12:13 “Inheritance”, Luke 15:8 “Ten pieces of silver”, and Matthew 9:17 “New wine/old bottle”.

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2 Responses to Eastern Customs

  1. Linda Walstrand says:

    Thank you ALL so much for this amazing website! I have shared it with some and will extend to many more, looking forward to ‘Eastern Customs’. I wanted to re-visit the Rev. Krug teachings on Life and Death, I wasn’t finished studying and I haven’t seen them for quite awhile. Is there any way you can re-post them, there were about 4 or 5 sessions. Whatever I have to do- I will do, to get them. And I realy love you all- miss you all as well. All is well here and with Gods’ blesssing it can only get ‘better’. There are no other churches I have found that teach God’s word so well, you are all blessed there to have such a wonderful Pastor, staff and believers! Not to mention my baby sister, Loree, and her husband- John Pardi, my brother-in-law. Love To You All Shannon and Barb you are both doing an amazing job with this website, thank you from the depth of my soul for loving God so truly. Hello to all! Love, Linda

    • Barbara says:

      Linda, We love you and miss you, too!! Glad to hear all is well. The 4 classes Rev Krug taught on ‘A Matter of Life & Death’ are here on the website. If you look down the right-hand side until you find ‘Categories’ and then click the ‘drop down’, you will see ‘Rev Jim Krug’s teachings’. There should be 12 of his teachings posted, including the ‘A Matter of Life & Death’ series. Hope this helps. God bless you, we love you!!

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